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Our offer

Can you no longer do without net+? Well that’s good, since net+ is more and more mobile and can offer you deals to suit your needs and which can be tailored to your usage.
From MobiLiker for occasional users to unlimited MobiLover for the most connected: whatever your habits, find the subscription that suits you!  


The essentials for the lowest price


Calls within CH to net+ users (landlines and mobiles)1 Unlimited
Calls to other networks in CH (landlines and mobiles)1 30ct./min
SMS/MMS within CH 5ct./SMS-MMS
Full speed internet within CH2 50 MB
Monthly roaming (Region A)3 -
Monthly price 10.-
Monthly price for Internet customers4 0.-

A deal to suit your needs


Calls within CH to net+ users (landlines and mobiles)1 Unlimited
Calls to other networks in CH (landlines and mobiles)1 Unlimited
SMS/MMS within CH Unlimited
Full speed internet within CH2 2 GB 4 GB Unlimited
Monthly roaming (Region A)3 50 MB 100 MB 200 MB
Monthly price 38.- 48.- 68.-
Monthly price for Internet customers4 28.- 38.- 58.-

1 Overcharged calls and SMS/MMS are charged extra.
2 High speed data bundle is included, once it is used up, the speed is reduced to 64 kbit/s for MobiLiker and 128 kbit/s for MobiLover.
Once this volume of data is consumed, the additional data is invoiced. 
4 Prices available for clients with a net+ Internet connexion. Maximum of 5 discounts, one of which can be MobiLiker at 0.-.
One-time activation fee (including net+ SIM card): CHF 49.-
In the event of termination or suspension of the fixed Internet subscription, discounts on mobile subscriptions are waived and the normal monthly price is applied.


Plus points

  • Exclusive discounts with a net+ internet connexion.
  • Excellent coverage on the best mobile network in Switzerland.
  • Take your mobile number with you: keep or replace your current telephone number.
  • Free calls to net+ users, both landlines and mobiles.
  • Full speed mobile internet.
  • Data bundles available for when you travel abroad.


Options to suit your needs

Already used up the quota included in your deal? Don’t worry, with the data and call bundles, valid for 30 days, you can still make calls and surf the web at low prices.

  • Telephone option (calls from Switzerland overseas to zone 1) 100 minutes  :  15.-
  • Internet Option   1 GB  : 10.-

Worry-free travel abroad

Take advantage of the best rates for calling abroad, our roaming prices and data bundles. For the main countries you call, we can offer a deal to suit your needs.All details can be found here.