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Travel smart, travel in peace!

Use your telephone abroad without worrying If you are planning trips abroad and want to stay in contact with your nearest and dearest, net+ will accompany you and has several options that mean you can make the most of each moment. With net+, you can get reliable network coverage in over 200 countries.


What you need to know

Travelling often allows you to disconnect from your daily life but that doesn’t mean you have to cut yourself off from the world and your nearest and dearest. When travelling abroad, there are several tips worth sharing which mean you won’t go over your budget:

  • Turn off roaming/cellular data when travelling;
  • Use wifi when using net+ Fon;
  • Use your regular apps that make calls using wifi;
  • Prepare for your trip by choosing one of our call and data deals;


Our roaming charges depend on where you call from

The call and data bundles that apply abroad depend on where you are travelling. Choose your destination country and we will tell you the charges that apply as well as the available options. Buy one of our call or data bundles for your weekends or holidays abroad. You can purchase directly via your customer portal or your mobile cockpit. Have a good trip and stay in touch, wherever you may be!